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David Dees is a multi talented singer, songwriter, actor, model and entrepreneur from Dayton, Ohio. David is a former Division 1 basketball player who has embraced many of the principles learned throughout his athletic career, and used them to help himself and others in practical ways. Work ethic, team building, leadership, and consistency were all required to make David a high school All-American, and serve as a pillar of the services he provides.

2 years ago, David moved to Atlanta Georgia to pursue further opportunities, and since then he has done work in TV, national print ads, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, headlined as a singer at multiple venues, and a host of other projects in and around the Atlanta area. Though this has been rewarding, it has also allowed David to find a true passion... Helping others! David started a consulting company about a year ago, and since then has been able to help a wide range of clientele to achieve goals unimagined. Learn more about David, and his services provided, inside this site. Also, if interested in learning more about these services, contact




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